The world’s biggest brands choose our platform to drive trial that results in real conversion. Unlike traditional direct (“junk”) mail, we get your brand into the hands of the right consumers. Those brand experiences translate into future purchases.


Based on your targeted consumer profile, we match up potential retailers to support your brand strategy.  We’ll guide you through the simple process and make it easy to maximize your campaign results.


We manage the distribution for you. Since postage is already paid, it’s more cost effective to get the right inserts into the right homes. And because those retail packages are expected, we’ve got greater than 99% open rates. Your brand is suddenly reaching the right audience at just the right time in the right place.


We collect data at the end of every campaign. We analyze trial rates, conversion to purchase, revenue, and other aligned metrics. Our insights team creates a comprehensive report from that data so you can optimize not only your direct mail efforts but the rest of your marketing initiatives. It’s data that keeps on giving.

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