We help retailers like you surprise and delight customers by delivering targeted inserts  like samples and coupons as rewards in their parcels. For each insert placed in your parcel, you receive revenue that goes straight to your bottom line. It’s the first loyalty program that generates a profit from day one.

How We Help


We work with you to identify brands and products suitable for your audience. Our ever-expanding category list includes everything from fabric care to food and beverages to skincare products.


You’ll get partnership opportunities from the world’s most popular brands. By working together, we maximize the impact of each campaign to increase profits and customer satisfaction.


Once you accept a campaign, we coordinate to have the in-parcel samples shipped directly to your warehouse. We follow your existing shipping and receiving protocols so the process is easy and efficient.


Samples are entered into your inventory management system, ensuring an efficient pick-and-pack process for your staff. By monetizing your parcel space, you can tap into a new revenue stream. Who would have thought that empty space could be so valuable?


By giving your customers an unexpected gift, you can increase loyalty and influence future shopping behavior. Our coupons and samples become an extra way to connect with and delight your customers. We also measure your campaign to ensure success over time.

Join Us

Let’s work together! If you’re interested in e-commerce sampling and delighting your customers contact us at retailers@exactmedia.io.

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