Imagine putting your product sample directly into the hands of your ideal consumer. Now imagine pairing sampling with longitudinal market research. Meet Exactly, the quarterly sampling box from Exact Media that moves beyond controlled trial to deliver an in-home sampling experience.

Each quarter, we curate a select box of samples that are sent directly to our enthusiastic consumer base. All of our consumers are confirmed e-commerce shoppers, not freebie seekers, which means that they’re excited to try and review your products. We pair this sampling experience with a survey process that allows you to gather long-term data which you can use to create smarter marketing strategies. With a fully integrated ratings and reviews program, Exactly helps you dramatically increase the product reviews that drive trial and conversion.

Each campaign offers you the opportunity to connect with a customized audience, collect actionable survey data, and increase trial and conversion.


Consumer is recruited into Exactly club

Consumer completes a series of surveys about shopping behavior

Survey completion initiates consumer’s inclusion in the next Exactly box

After trial, consumer is invited to complete another series of surveys


Get to know how your target consumer engages with your product. Every Exactly campaign includes longitudinal data paired with actionable recommendations – so your investment goes far beyond simple trial and conversion. It’s a cheaper, more cost-effective way to run market research. Want to know which flavor moms with kids under the age of 10 preferred? How about whether men who own dogs buy your product in nine months? We’ve got you covered. Check out our example dashboard to learn more.


Seriously I love your 📦  I love how it’s a variety of items and most are brands I’ve never heard of.

– Amanda H. (Facebook)

I love #exactly boxes way better than that other ‘free samples’ place. You know; the one that no one ever qualifies for…. 😒 …Exactlybox samples are probably the only ones I’ve actually bought the products from, so keep up the good work!

– Audrie T. (Facebook)

I got my box yesterday! I love it! Everything in is great! Thank you soon much!! Can’t wait til the next time!!! 💖💖💖

– Shelly S. (Facebook)

Just received my box today n I was pleasantly surprised w all the amazing products inside! They’re things I use daily 😍 😍 TYSM

– Michelle K. (Facebook)


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