How can I sign up to Exactly:

Exactly is an exclusive program. You can get an invite by shopping at retailers in the Exact Media network. Invites come with samples we distribute with our partners. Just remember to take the survey with the sample you get to get the invite.

Additionally we will open the membership up from time to time. Remember to follow us on social media to be the first to know. (insert links to our accounts)

How much does this cost?:

Exactly is 100% free! The brands we work with are interested in learning about how you try and use their products. What do you love? What do you hate? We want answers to those questions! You will never see any invoices or credit card statements from us….in fact we don’t collect credit card information. If anyone ever claims they need this information please let us know right away!


Members of Exactly will seasonally be able to claim boxes that we offer our members. The boxes have full sized and sample sized products that are curated to the member. From time to time we will also have exclusive offers to give to our most responsive members to try and give their feedback to us.

How does the program work:

After receiving a sample from one of our retailer partners, please take the associated survey that came with the sample. You will know that you got an invite if you see the Exact Media name on the survey invite card. After you complete the survey you will be invited to join Exactly at the end of the process. Once you agree to signup for Exactly you will have to fill out a quick recruitment survey giving us some general information about yourself, as well as where we can ship a box to you and a login account. We will periodically send you invites where you need to take another brief survey so we can match the right product to the right person. A few weeks after you receive your box we will ask you what you thought about the samples….that’s it!

Who is eligible ?

Only residents of the United States are eligible for the box….Sorry Canada

My household has more than one account?

Unfortunately we can only ship one box per address. Multiple requests for the same address will be ignored and accounts will be suspended if we see abuse. We want to make sure that we have enough boxes for everyone who wants one to get one.

Response Ratings:

Members of Exactly are expected to provide reviews of the products we send. Without your reviews we cannot procure samples from brands. If you consistently ignore our survey requests then your account will eventually be suspended.

Members with high response ratings will also be eligible for specialty sampling programs we run outside of the seasonal box. An easy way to boost your ratings is to follow us on social media, as well as respond to all our surveys.

At this time you cannot see what your rating is but it is a feature we will be adding in the near future.

I moved…how do I change my address:

Not a problem. Just login to your account and click the “profile” button. You will be able to see what address we have on file for you, as well as you can update your address there. Please do not send us emails requesting address updates unless you have a technical support issue.


Boxes and Samples

When can I expect boxes?

We send out boxes about every quarter. You will see on the main page of your Exactly login account webpage when the next box is expected to go out. Additionally, we will email you when you can claim a box. Remember to make sure our emails aren’t ending up in your spam folder.

Am I guaranteed a box?

We have quite a few boxes that are available for members to claim, however we only want the most responsive members getting one so there is a limit to how many we send out every season. To avoid disappointment, make sure to read out emails and follow the instructions, as well as fill out any requested surveys.

Those who filled out a claim a box survey in time before supplies run out will get an email shortly thereafter confirming  that they are getting a box. (we should institute a policy of emailing people who successfully complete this)

I filled out the claim a box survey…when am I getting my box?

After you finish the claim a box survey, you will get a confirmation email a few days later letting you know if you made it in time or not. After that give us 10-15 days to prepare the boxes. We will send you another shipping confirmation email when the boxes are ready to go out. It can take up to 15 business days for boxes to arrive from our fulfillment facility so please be patient.

Where did you send my box?

Before you take your claim a box survey, you will be required to confirm your shipping address. Only people who live in the United States will be eligible to proceed with the survey. It can take up to 30 business days from the time you complete the survey to when the box arrives at your door. If you move in that time, please make sure to have your mail forwarded to your new address, we cannot redirect shipments once you claim your box.

What sort of sample will I get?

You will get samples for products that can help you in all facets of yourself. We will only send you samples that make sense to what information you provided us. The brands that are part of the program want to make sure that the right person is getting the right samples. We want our program to have a meaningful impact on helping you find the right products for you and your family.

I know a great company you should get samples from?

Awesome! We always love suggestions and referrals. Please visit here for more information on how you can contact us about this. (forward to brand page with contact information).


Surveys and Reviews

How many surveys do I have to take?

Every year you will be required to take one general membership survey. This is the survey you took right when you joined the Exactly program. After that you will need to take one every time you “claim a box” and then a follow up one to “tell us what you think” of the products you got.

What do you do with the information you collect from the survey?

The feedback you give us on the samples is shared with our brand partners so they can learn from you how to improve their products. No personal information such as email, address, name, phone number is ever shared with our brand partners unless you specifically agree to it. Please view our terms and conditions, as well as, privacy policies for more information. (insert links)

My box never came but you guys are still asking me for reviews?

From time to time boxes get lost in the mail. Right at the start of the feedback survey you can tell us you didn’t get the box. That will count as you completing the survey, as well as alert us to the problem.


Technical Issues

I accidentally unsubscribed to your emails but I want to stay a member:

Please email (or we should design a button process to fix this)

I forgot my password:

Please follow this link to reset your password

I cant enter in a valid address:

Only valid address that are in the United States can be entered.

What should I do if I am having issues completing the surveys:

We support the following web browsers-

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11
  • Safari
  • Android
  • Internet Explorer for Mobile

Please update your web browser before emailing us at Please let us know what web browser you are using and what version in your email.