On a recent episode of the Accelerate! Podcast, the host Andy Paul (@ZeroTimeSelling) spoke with Kelly Riggs, (@KellyRiggs) about multi-generational sales teams. Andy and Kelly spoke about millennials the way that I would – especially after my experiences here at Exact Media.

In part of the back and forth, Andy says, “This is to me one of the most impressive generations – I’m just in awe of the smarts and the energy and the drive and the willingness to work hard that I see in the millennial generation.”

Exactly! I love working with millennials. When I was involved with recruiting efforts at McKinsey, I was constantly blown away by the people I was seeing as candidates right out of university. I often thought about how I would have measured up at the same point in my life. (Answer: not well)

Now you might think, well of course McKinsey gets top students, and that’s true, but our team here at Exact Media also impresses me on daily basis. People here are accomplishing great things at really early stages of their careers, free from the limiting mindsets that used to be present. They’ve organized huge conferences, networked with top executives, launched creative start-ups, developed really interesting side hustles, and taken on leadership roles in community and professional organizations.

They don’t just do what they are told. They challenge things that don’t make sense and make me explain the thinking behind decisions. They don’t settle into jobs and get comfortable. They push to take on greater responsibilities and larger projects. While sometimes it seems like it would be easier to just issue commands, in the long run, great teams are not made up of team members like that.

One point that is often missed in the analysis of millennials at work, is how much better they have made the office environment. Our team at Exact Media is made up mostly of millennials and they are wonderfully supportive and accepting of other members of the team. People are comfortable being themselves at work in a way that I never was at the start of my own career. People sharing their true selves and the lives outside of work with each other has made this a much better place to spend so much time.

I am so appreciative of the opportunity to work with such a high-quality team of people. The millennials I work with have pushed me to be better, have prompted me to think about opportunities and situations from different perspectives, and have inspired me with the way that they care about each other, and about their communities.

Now if only I could get them to appreciate how much good music there was in the 80’s!

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